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FACT: Certification Marks Enjoy Equal Market Acceptance

Our clients enjoy the benefits of streamlined and efficient third party certification, compliance programs and equal market acceptance. What makes ApprovalMark International different is that unlike larger organisations that operate with a monopoly mindset, our service and fees reflect the efficiencies and savings we have been able to create within the JAS-ANZ accredited approval process.

ApprovalMark Is the Only Assurance Your Product Will Ever Need

At ApprovalMark International, we work closely with industry stakeholders and recognised experts within each relevant field. This has enabled us to streamline and simplify the certification process, whilst still remaining within the recognised guidelines of ISO 17065 and System 5 certification. ApprovalMark International is the fastest growing certification body for plumbing products within Australia, accredited by the government-appointed body JAS-ANZ.

Cost Assurance With Guaranteed Fee Structures

We demonstrate our commitment to service by making your decision process as easy as possible. This means that your product can get to the market faster, saving time, resources and money. Fast decisions can be achieved because we waive application and endorsement fees, we guarantee fees for the first three years and there are NO hidden royalty fees for the use of the Mark. Combined with equal market acceptance, why wouldn’t you transfer your license across? Contact us for more details.

“We had been using a large certifier for many years. Since the GFC in 2008 there have been significant cost pressures on our business and yet we found our certifier to be inflexible and unsympathetic. This was particularly disappointing given our growing range of products. As a result we found it increasingly difficult to budget for certification, it seemed as if every month we were hit by a financial shock wave; regular 5% fee increases, unnecessary royalties fees for the use of their Mark, fees for additional work which was difficult for us to quantify the additional travelling expenditure, often because the auditor was not planning ahead. In contrast we found the process of transferring our licenses to ApprovalMark as simple as one phone call. ApprovalMark has given us cost certainty, a process that we can plan for and work with’ – Quality Assurance Manager; Leading Plumbing Supplier”

Whether you plan to manufacture, import products or have existing licenses transferred contact us for a confidential and obligation free consultation and find out why so many of your industry peers are choosing ApprovalMark International.

Impartiality Statement

ApprovalMark International, it’s employees including contractors have a full understanding of the importance of impartiality and potential conflicts of interest in carrying out product and management system certification activities. This is enforced through contractually binding agreements. Where any potential threat is identified, a risk assessment is carried out in order to address the threat. ApprovalMark International has an Impartiality Committee committed to ensure the business remains impartial and has no conflicts of interest by undertaking annual reviews. The committee is structured to ensure there is no dominating interest from any one stakeholder and has the right to take independent action should ApprovalMark International fail to respect its advice.