ApprovalMark International provides compliance and certification for all plumbing products.

In Australia the WaterMark Certification Scheme is a mandatory compliance requirement for plumbing and drainage products, this ensures national consistency.

WaterMark Level 1

WaterMark Level 1 is applicable for products that are deemed to be higher risk, examples include but are not limited to; toilet pans, bidets, water pipes and water filters. The certification path for WaterMark Level 1 is available via System 5 (ISO 17065). This requires products testing and annual audits of the manufacturing plant. This provides you and your stakeholders with the assurance that your product has ongoing compliance.

WaterMark Level 2

WaterMark Level 2 is generally applicable for products that are deemed to be low to medium risk, examples include but are not limited to; appliances, drainage pipes and fittings. The main difference fro WaterMark Level 1 is that there is no requirement for an annual manufacturing plant audit.
The certification pathway for WaterMark Level 2 is; a design review, independent laboratory testing and review, evaluation of the product and an evaluation of the marking proposal. As with WaterMark Level 1 certification pathway is based on (ISO 17065).



Applicant reviews product and has discussion with ApprovalMark International (AMI). AMI provides all necessary information including quotation to client.


Applicant submits completed Application Form, Watermark Agreement, certification agreements and a Quality Plan to AMI.

Quality Plan

AMI reviews the Quality plan for compliance and allocates a Client Management number.

Factory Audit

AMI conduct a factory audit (WaterMark Level 1 Certification Scheme). This includes test witnessing including batch release testing and type testing.


Client submits all relevant test reports, marking proposal and product schedule to AMI for evaluation and assessment.


Once all test reports, audit reports, marking proposal and product schedule are accepted, the Technical Manager makes the decision regarding conformity.


Invoice the customer as per the quotation. On receipt of payment, the customer schedule is uploaded to the ABCB website and the JASANZ Register.

Ongoing Certification

AMI conducts regular audits as per program rules.